"...Barbara DeMarco-Barrett--a sort of literary alter ego to Charlie Rose--whose opiate of a voice coaxes her guests to be forthcoming and truthful."
CJ Bahnsen in OC Weekly, 9/22/00

"Thank you so much for the hour of conversation. I do alot of radio interviews and I have rarely felt as comfortable as I was on your show. You really know how to dig to the secret recesses of a writer's psyche. Thanks for all you are doing for writers and writing."
Neil Baldwin, director of the National Book Awards and author of Henry Ford and the Jews, Public Affairs

"I really enjoyed talking to you. Thanks for making it such a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. I had fun, and appreciate all your support and good questions--a lot!"
Aimee Bender, An Invisible Sign of My Own, Anchor

"Many thanks for having me on your show. Your questions were excellent, and you made it so easy for me. You see things so clearly from a writer's perspective."
Vicki Bijur, New York literary agent and immediate past president, AAR

"Being on your show was such fun. I was so impressed with your careful reading of my novel, and your perceptive questions. You even mentioned the carrot-loving tapeworm involved in Dr. Verwoerd's assassination...! Thanks for making my first radio interview such an enjoyable experience."
Lynette Brasfield, author of Nature Lessons (www.literati.net/Brasfield)

"Since appearing on "Writers On Writing," I've become a frequent listener myself. What a wonderful weekly salon it is! It offers great insights and tips for writers at every stage of experience. This is what radio can and should be."
Stephen Burgard, Los Angeles Times editor and author of Hallowed Ground, Plenum

"I woke at the end of the hour hoping I'd said anything, a single thing that was interesting, but please know I spoke frankly and if I was advisory (lesson-ary) I hope it was useful to your listeners. I understood immediately that you knew what writers were up to. It was a privilege to be included in your list of writers."
Ron Carlson, At the Jim Bridger, Picador

"Thanks for having me on your show. An hour seemed like a long time to talk about myself, but you made it fun, especially after I got warmed up."
Billy Collins, Nine Horses, Random House

"By the way, you're very good."
—2001 Pulitzer Prize winner for poetry, Stephen Dunn, Different Hours, Norton

"Barbara, you are a wonderful interviewer, and ask informed and interested/cogent questions. I had a great time and am glad that you liked Heartbreaker. (Wait until you read the next one...about 1 1/2 years away, unfortunately. I am slow.) Thanks very much."
Robert Ferrigno, Scavenger Hunt, Pantheon

"I just want to thank you for the most relaxed, pleasurable interview I can ever remember. You are such a wonderful host, and your questions come from the soul of a writer. So few interviewers understand how writing works. You clearly do."
Jennie Fields, The Middle Ages, William Morrow

"Barbara DeMarco-Barrett is the conversation you look forward to having when your book is finally edited, printed, done. It's with Barb that you get to talk about structure, theme, opportunity, purpose. It's because of Barb that writers like me get to say, out loud, what they are thinking. She's a consummate conversationalist."
Beth Kephart, Into the Tangle of Friendship, Houghton Miflin

"Your show was a pure delight for me, and I appreciated the opportunity. I was also impressed at your reach--my agent in Berkeley knew about the broadcast because she received an email press release!"
Jonathan Kirsch, King David, Ballantine

"Barbara De Marco-Barrett puts scintillation on the airwaves. She's the most astute and empathetic interviewer I've had the good fortune to be interviewed by and, therefore, made me doubly glad to have written my novel."
Diane Leslie, Fleur de Leigh in Exile, Simon & Schuster

"Barbara's show was one of the smartest interviews I ever had. She is well-read, articulate, kind, and a great writer herself."
Jo-Ann Mapson, Bad Girl Creek, Simon & Schuster

"This must be kismet - I was just going online to thank you for last night and I heard the little 'you've got mail' and it was your note. I really had fun last night. You asked smart, interesting questions which should have given any listener a true overview of this very looney business. It truly was my pleasure to join you and I do hope I helped shed a little light."
Alice Martell, The Martell Literary Agency, New York

"Thanks again for the very enjoyable interview last week. It's a pleasure to get such interesting, literary questions. I hope our paths will cross again some day."
Ann Packer, The Dive from Clausen's Pier, Knopf

"Just wanted to thank you again for having me on your program yesterday. It was a lot of fun, and your questions were terrific. I hope we can do that again sometime."
Dennis Palumbo, Writing From the Inside Out, John Wiley & Sons

" I'm usually too nervous to breathe, but I really enjoyed your interview. The promise of another one is added incentive to finish the next book quickly."
Christina Schwarz, Drowning Ruth, Ballantine

"It was a treat to talk with you last night. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and the hour just flew by! You're such a terrific interviewer--in that I never felt I was being interviewed, but rather, that I was having a deep and interesting conversation with someone I really liked."
Dani Shapiro, Family History, Knopf

"...Your unusual and interesting questions made me stop and think about both my work and my working habits... I was so pleased to join the company of the very fine writers you've interviewed. Many thanks for reading White Swan, Black Swan and for allowing me the opportunity to talk about it on'Writers on Writing.'"
Adrienne Sharp, White Swan, Black Swan

"I love your show, with time for everything, not only the book, but talk about writing and voice and even a reading. You ask such good questions, too. A rare treat in this era of sound bites. Hope we can do it again."
Alix Kates Shulman, A Good Enough Daughter, Schocken

"I thoroughly enjoy doing your show. Your questions are always so thoughtful and pleasantly surprising."
LA Times Magazine Senior Editor Martin J. Smith, Straw Men, Jove

"I loved our 'talk.' You're a natural on the radio and it was a delight to be on your show. You know how to draw stories and even bits of wisdom out of us! It was wonderful to be interviewed by such an insightful listener. Thanks again!"
Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge, Poemcrazy: Freeing Your Life with Words, Three Rivers


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