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Writing in Place: Stories from the Pandemic–just published!

I’m happy to announce the publication of the first anthology released by Mars Street Press. It’s a literary journal with stories and essays by my private workshop students and me. Everyone worked so hard to make this book happen. It’s dedicated to my father-in-law, Richard Dale Barrett, who died from COVID-19 in July. My son Travis created the fantastic cover and did the layout. My student, Amelia Dellos, titled it (and took the photo below right). If you’re looking for a book to read, or are shopping for the readers on your gift list, or just want to read more about the book, please click here.
Writing in Place: Stories from the Pandemic

Ken Layne, author of Desert Oracle Vol. 1, on Writers on Writing, KUCI-FM

Ken Layne, author of Desert Oracle, Volume 1: Strange True Tales from the American Southwest, talks with me about the art, craft, and business of writing, along with fairies and unexplainable goings on in the desert.

Download audio.

(Broadcast date: December 23, 2020)

Musical intro, outro and interludes by Travis Barrett. Find his music on Spotify and also find him on Patreon.

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