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Reed Karaim and Luis Alberto Urrea on Writers on Writing

Novelist Reed Karaim joins Marrie Stone to talk about his novel, The Winter in Anna.  Reed discusses the unknowable nature of characters and human beings, and the unconventional yet effective approach he chose to reveal character.  He talks about writing his hometown landscape, his elegy to the newspaper industry, and bringing minor characters to life.

In the second half, Luis Alberto Urrea joins to talk about his latest story collection, The Water Museum.  Luis shares his funny, poignant, very personal, and always heartfelt perspectives on the world and where it’s headed.  And listening to his infectious love of music, lyrics, and language is always inspiring.

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(Broadcast date: January 4, 2017)

Lisa Cron on Writers on Writing

Lisa Cron, author of Story Genius, published by 10 Speed Press, and I talk about how starting with character (for fiction or memoir) is the key to unfolding the story. If you don’t know your protagonist, who does? And how are you going to write a great story if you don’t know whose story it is? We spend the entire hour together talking about writing. Lisa was an agent, worked for a publisher and as a story consultant for Warner Brothers. She knows her stuff!

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(Broadcast date: Dec. 26, 2016)

Fannie Flagg and Odie Lindsey on Writers on Writing

Bestselling novelist Fannie Flagg joins Marrie Stone to chat about her latest, The Whole Town’s Talking.

Lovers of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe will fall in
love all over again with Fannie’s characters, her world, and her ability
to render southern charm onto the page and infuse her characters with
life. She talks about writing with dyslexia, how acting helps writing,
and what she’s learned about writing and life over the years.

In the second half, short story writer Odie Lindsey discusses his debut collection, We Come to Our Senses. He talks about his experiences in Iraq, the need to include women in the narrative of war, and the importance of the advice “revise, revise, revise.”  Plus, lots of other wonderful wisdom.

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(Broadcast date: December 21, 2016)