Jacquelyn Mitchard on Writers on Writing

Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Good Son, and I discuss her new novel. Included in their talk is coming up with the midpoint, the 10 or 11 big events in a novel, and balancing narrative with scene.

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 (Recorded on Dec. 22, 2021)
Music and sound editing by Travis Barrett
Contact: www.palmspringsnoir.com

Barbara Seranella on Writers on Writing (from 2006)

I’ve been thinking about Barbara Seranella, a wonderful mystery writer who passed away in 2007. I met her when we were both members of the Orange County Fictionaires. I wanted to hear her voice again and wanted to share this interview with our listeners. She wrote a great mystery series with Munch Mancini, an auto mechanic/amateur sleuth.

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(Broadcast date: Jan. 12, 2006)

Diane DiPrima on Writers on Writing

This is a show I recorded in 2001 with the late poet Diane DiPrima when her memoir, Recollections of My Life as a Woman, was published. City Lights just released Spring and Autumn Annals, which made me remember this interview with Diane. Perhaps you heard it when it was broadcast (and podcast) 20 years ago, not long after Writers on Writing began.

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 (Broadcast date: June 2001)