Writers on Writing

Katherine Seligman, author of At the Edge of the Haight, on Writers on Writing

Katherine Seligman is a journalist and author in San Francisco. As a reporter, she’s
focused on social issues, from homelessness, mental health and end of
life issues to the city’s boom and bust cycles. But she’s also written
about everything else, from self-appointed graffiti curators, urban
coyotes and embryonic sex selection to what her kids learned growing up
in Haight Ashbury.

Katherine joins me to talk about her novel, At the Edge of the Haight, as well as writing, craft, and process.

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(Broadcast date: February 17, 2021)

“Queen of noir” author Vicki Hendricks

Vicki Hendricks, called the “Queen of Noir,” is my guest for the entire hour. Hendricks’s novels include Miami Purity, Iguana Love, and Cruel Poetry. She also has a story in Miami Noir (Akashic) and other noir anthologies.

(Broadcast date: January 20, 2021)
Musical intro and outro and interludes by Travis Barrett. Find him on Spotify.

Ken Layne, author of Desert Oracle Vol. 1, on Writers on Writing, KUCI-FM

Ken Layne, author of Desert Oracle, Volume 1: Strange True Tales from the American Southwest, talks with me about the art, craft, and business of writing, along with fairies and unexplainable goings on in the desert.

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(Broadcast date: December 23, 2020)

Musical intro, outro and interludes by Travis Barrett. Find his music on Spotify and also find him on Patreon.