More on men

It’s so interesting, responses by men to my book. I spoke a little about it in my last post. But it continues and as it continues, it continues to baffle.

I heard from another male reader who bought Pen on Fire and book one for a friend. He didn’t mention the subtitle at all.

And I’ve been hearing from women from all over–one email just came in from the UK–who say they love the book. Some of their husbands pick it up and end up reading and using it, too.

My husband thought it was a mistake to use that subtitle. I told him to call my publisher and discuss it with them.

Titles are so very important. It’s a given. I write about titles in the book. But when I wrote that chapter on titles, I didn’t talk about subtitles. Sequel! Sequel!

But men, my book is for you, too.

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