It’s been so long

It’s been so very long since I posted anything here, and lest you think I’m disinterested, I thought I had better. It’s just that I have so very much on my platter (a plate no longer fits it all) and, on a daily basis, it seems, I try to imagine giving something up. But what? I’m saying that too much: But what?

Last night, as Travis warmed up with his soccer team before the game, I sat in the Sienna in the parking lot and I wrote in my Moleskine. Take your own advice! The words careened about my skull. So I wrote a couple of pages, then a minute before the game began, joined the other parents.

When I have too much to do, so much I’m committed to, it’s hard to do any one thing well. I imagine I’d be a better_____ fill in the blank: parent, writer, teacher, blogger, deluxe gourmet veggie chef, knitter, artist, friend, if I didn’t do so much. But I like it all, is my continual refrain.

What’s a girl to do? If anyone out there has some good advice, send it my way. (And please, smart alecks…don’t bother. I’ll just hit “delete,” anyhoo….. ; }

Coming up on this blog will be more Q&A’s–soon by literary agent John Ware and author Amy Rosenthal Krouse, so do come back and visit often. I promise I won’t be so lax and let my bloggie poo wither away.

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It’s been so long

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