One more thing about Harriet Doerr

Here is the other thing about Harriet Doerr’s work and why I’m a fan: As I read Consider This, Senora, I found myself appreciating life more–the things which might be considered the simple things. Laughing with my son at comedians–George Carlin, Henny Youngman, Joan Rivers–on vintage Johnny Carson tapes from the library. The sun on the magenta bougainvillea. The morning air filled with a misty rain. The Mexican seller of vegetable plants, flowers and cacti at the Farmer’s Market down the street. The bamboo wind chimes hanging outside our front door. Loyal friends. A ball of violet yarn. The UPS man dropping a package–most likely a book–on my front stoop. My husband.

And the title, Stones for Ibarra, has always puzzled me. What could it mean? I love that I had to reach the end of the book to find out.

Yes, I am a major Harriet Doerr fan.

Curious who strikes y’all that way, what author(s) illuminate your life in some new way.

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One more thing about Harriet Doerr

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