TC Boyle in the Sacto Bee

TC Boyle in the Sacramento Bee talking about literature…that it’s mostly entertaining.
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You may have to register to see it (I did, but it only took a moment). Here’s an excerpt:

“People are put off by me because I’m so productive and such a good performer,” says Boyle, 53, who will appear Wednesday evening at the Crest Theatre in a talk sponsored by California Lectures. “They think it’s not proper for a writer. But I don’t agree. Anybody can do whatever he wants, as long as the work backs him up.”

And this…

“That said, it takes work. If you have the ability and devote your entire life to it and you’re very lucky, you may get an audience and be a productive artist. It’s really difficult in our society to be an artist. There’s a lot of competition and nobody really cares. So, why not enjoy it and have fun?”

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