Margaret Atwood guests on Writers on Writing

Margaret Atwood was my guest this morning on Writers on Writing (broadcasts Weds. mornings at 9 a.m. PT at 88.9 KUCI FM in Orange County, CA, iTunes college radio and at

Here is the podcast in which she talks of a bunch of writing related things including her new Positron serial on

Download audio.

(Broadcast date: Jan. 9, 2013)

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Margaret Atwood guests on Writers on Writing

  1. Kathleen says:

    Just listened to the Margaret Atwood interview. It was great. It’s amazing how she is constantly presenting a new layer of herself! Well done!

  2. Kelly von Hemert says:

    I missed Atwood, but tuned in at the end when Barbara was speaking and that was enough to fuel me for a totally productive day of writing!

    Here’s what helped:

    * not turning in something for publication until you know it is ready
    *letting it sit for a while and going back to it.
    *helping others now!

    I have turned in essays in the past because I wanted to even though I knew that they weren’t finished. I didn’t know what was wrong and didn’t quite know how to fix it. Sure enough, they were rejected.

    Years later, in one case, I went back to the same essay, reworked it with new eyes and hooks that were absent before, and it just got bought! The editor said it was ‘genius’. But that took time and effort and standing back from it for a while. What a motivator to get going now because you might need to let it sit for a while and that can be time consuming!

    In the helping others now catagory, I highly recommend joining a writer’s group. It takes away from the solitary feeling of writing and helps you care about the work of others and see your own in a different light. When you feel like it can’t be fixed or you might want to throw your computer over a cliff, these are people who buoy you up! It’s the best!

    Barbara, I got so many things out of your talking points, I hope you write a whole book on the subject of writing groups!

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