Podcasts available include John Irving, Jess Walter, Christ Bohjalian, Jeannette Walls and more

Every now and then I hear from listeners to the podcast who inform me about shows that are missing or are not loading. So I’m spending some time, going through them. I’ll begin a list here of shows available 24/7 on my Writers on Writing blog.  Click here and enter the authors full or last name in the search box in the upper left hand window. The show should come up and you’ll see a link that says “download audio.” Click on that and voila! You should be in business. I will update this list as I re-load and re-podcast shows. A daunting task…anyone up for helping? Let me know!

Melissa Bank (short story writer; show from 10/11 works)
Chris Bohjalian (novelist; 2/9/07 & 5/28/08 shows work)
James Brown (memoirist)
Ron Carlson (short story writer, novelist)
Novella Carpenter (memoirist)
Billy Collins (poet; show from 8/3/06 works)
Stephen Dunn (poet) from 3/29/2001 – this show works. The more recent one (2009) doesn’t.
Hope Edelman (memoirist)
Alice Feiring (memoirist)
Susan Isaacs (novelist)
John Irving (novelist)
Michael Larsen (lit agent)
Elmore Leonard (novelist)
Walter Mosley (novelist)
Dennis Palumbo (novelist; show from 6/1/06 works)
T. Jefferson Parker (novelist; show from 2/13/08 works)
Elizabeth Pomada (lit agent)
William Todd Schultz (psychobiographer)
Carolyn See (novelist)
Dani Shapiro (memoirist, novelist; show from 2011 in which she talks about Devotion, works)
Kirk Snyder (nonfiction author)
Jeannette Walls (memoirist)
Jess Walter (novelist, short story writer; shows from 6/13/12 & 2/13/13 work)
John Ware (lit agent; show from 6/1/06 works)

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