Lisa Cron on Writers on Writing

Lisa Cron, author of Story Genius, published by 10 Speed Press, and I talk about how starting with character (for fiction or memoir) is the key to unfolding the story. If you don’t know your protagonist, who does? And how are you going to write a great story if you don’t know whose story it is? We spend the entire hour together talking about writing. Lisa was an agent, worked for a publisher and as a story consultant for Warner Brothers. She knows her stuff!

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(Broadcast date: Dec. 26, 2016)

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Lisa Cron on Writers on Writing

  1. Ian Wingrove says:

    Have just caught up with this podcast and it has instantly changed my approach to writing. I listen to a lot of your podcasts, but this one smacked me in the face. Cron was so clear and made so much sense. Was working on a short story and immediately changed things around. Thank you

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